How We Help

Home-Start Central Lancashire offers tailored support to families within the Chorley, South Ribble and West Lancashire area when you have a child between 0-19 years old.

We recruit and train volunteers, who are a parents or have experience working with families. They visit you at home once a week and stay with you for up to three hours, they offer informal, friendly and confidential support.

We can support you as you grow in confidence, strengthen your relationships with your children and widen your links with the local community.

We offer tailored support, a home visiting coordinator will come out to visit you, discuss your family’s individual needs and together highlight what value a home visiting volunteer could add to your circumstances.

“Home-Start helped me get back on top and start planning for the future.”

Being a parent can be the hardest job especially when circumstances change. Everyone needs some help and support at some point in their lives, a volunteer we can help:

  • Lonely or isolated parents
  • Young first time parents
  • Families with multiple births or several pre-school children
  • Families where there is ill health or disability/special needs
  • Families who have suffered bereavement
  • Parents who are gone through separation, divorce or have left an abusive relationship
  • Mums who have post-natal depression
  • Families who are new to an area
  • Families from all backgrounds
  • Lone parents
  • Families who are struggling navigating agencies and finding the correct service to suit your needs

Home visiting volunteers can visit you once a week and stay with you for up to three hours. In that time they will work alongside you giving you the practical and emotional support that you and your coordinator have planned beforehand.

“Home-Start have made a big difference to our family by making us not feel alone, supporting our varying needs by helping us to get out of the house and access groups.”

Our Home Visiting Volunteers

  • Help you establish routines for you and your children while you’re going through such a huge change to your life
  • Play and read to your children
  • Be an extra pair of hands for you in cases of multiple births or more than one child under 5 years old.
  • Listen to your worries, concerns and hopes for your family
  • Be there because they want to be – not because someone has ‘sent’ them
  • Offer a shoulder to cry on
  • Share their own experiences of parenting and family life
  • Give you a break
  • Offer advice if you ask for it
  • Provide support, friendship and encouragement
  • Help you access benefits, grants and financial support
  • Put you in touch with local services or specialist support
  • Connect you with your local community
  • Give guidance around budgeting and managing your money more effectively
  • Attend appointments with you

If you feel you would benefit from receiving home visiting support than you can make a self-referral by completing our Request For Service Form below.

If you are a professional seeking help for a family then you must gain consent from the family in order to make the request for service on their behalf.