“Without Home-Start our family would have been destroyed. I was at the lowest point in my life – life wasn’t worth living anymore. You helped me change how I looked at things and encouraged me through my lowest points and motivated me, we are now in a good place.”

“Home-Start helped us through some very difficult financial problems.”

“Home-Start supported me and the children and made it easier on my mental health.”

“I have more confidence in engaging with my children.”

“It’s reassuring to have somebody who is non-judgemental.”

“She’s the only person that actually listens to me.”

“My daughter has grown in confidence and independence in her sleeping routine.”

“My volunteer has accompanied me to the doctor and helped me to register.”

“My daughter’s behaviour has improved because of my volunteers help, I’ve been copying her.”

“About 4 months into visits, I could feel my confidence growing and made attempts to go out. I hadn’t been to the hairdressers for 2 years but my volunteer came with me and now I can go on my own.”

“She helped me see what I wanted and helped me to put things in place to achieve it. I am now back in work full-time.”

“We were in a low place, not attending appointments or arranging to do anything, she took us to school appointments and made sure we had food and nappies. She ensured we had a good Christmas.” 

“It gave me confidence and motivation to keep doing the things I should be doing.”