Home-Start Central Lancashire is a local community network of trained volunteers and expert support helping families with young children through their challenging times. We are there for parents and children when they need us the most because we know that childhood can’t wait.Home-Start works with families in communities right across Central Lancashire. Families struggling with post-natal depression, early childhood development, isolation, challenging behaviour, physical and mental health problems, bereavement and many other issues receive the support of a volunteer who will spend around three hours a week in a family’s home supporting them in the ways they need.Home-Start Central Lancashire also provides up to date training for volunteers and parents, supports families practically and emotionally to increase their capacity to cope with and enjoy life events such as Christmas and school holidays, and helps families to access and engage with other agencies and support.

The earliest years make the biggest impact

The earliest years make the biggest impact: Home-Start makes sure those years count so that no child’s future is limited.

Children who are raised in a stable, loving, family environment are more likely to have a positive and healthy future.

Home-Start works because our volunteers are parents. They understand how hard it can be. They work alongside parents, in their own homes, to help them cope with the stresses and strains of life and make sure they have the skills, confidence and strength they need to nurture and develop their children.

Our Vision

That every family receives the support they need so that parents, carers and children can reach their full potential.

Our Aim

Home-Start Central Lancashire aims to increase the confidence, capacity and independence of families by;

Offering emotional and practical support along with friendship to parents and their children.

  • Visiting families in their own homes where the dignity and identity of each adult and child can be respected and protected.
  • Promoting and encouraging early childhood development through play and learn.
  • Helping to implement new parenting strategies and cope with challenging behaviour.
  • Reassuring parents that difficulties in bringing up children are not unusual and support and encourage them to enjoy family life.
  • Developing a relationship with the family in which time can be shared and understanding can be developed.

The Home-Start Network

Home-Start schemes are rooted in the communities they serve. We are managed locally but are supported by a national organisation, Home-Start UK, which offers direction, training, information and guidance to schemes and ensures consistent and quality support for parents and children.

Home-Start has a proven, lasting, positive impact on the development of children and the health and welfare of the family.

Meet the Team

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Business and Development Manager Read More

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Office Manager Read More

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Family Support Coordinator Read More

Our Service

Everyone needs a bit of help sometimes…

We deliver our service by promoting a family-parent-child based-centred approach, offering invaluable support and guidance allowing the family unit to develop, thrive and stay together.

We help families by providing two key areas of support:

Our home visiting support service provides families with a volunteer who has parenting experience and additional training. The volunteer visits the family each week for up to three hours at a time to provide practical and emotional holistic support that is tailored to meet the needs of each individual family.

“Just being able to get this off my chest without being judged or criticized means everything to me” – Mum who had been diagnosed with post-natal depression.

“I felt I was getting it all wrong and I was feeling anxious and scared but your support and patience made it go away and I started to believe in myself” – Teenage first time Mum.

“Sometimes just having the extra pair of hands at home can make all the difference” – Mum of 6 children.

I didn’t know that the early years of development for my child were so important to their future. There is a massive difference between my second child who I had support from Home-Start with and my first child who I struggled with alone”. – Mum of 2 young boys.

We run and support group work across Central Lancashire for pre-school children and their parents/carers, the groups are run for 2 hours once a week during term time.

We provide the family groups for parents/carers to support you in your most important role as your child’s first educator.

We structure the family groups so that children and parents/carers can play and learn together in a supportive welcoming environment.

To know more about our service, how we help families and our volunteers please explore our What We Do section.